Bowling — Appraisal of Rock Slopes

Client: Sustrans

A preliminary appraisal/risk assessment from ground level, with the objective being to assess the nature and size of hazards present on the rock slope and determine the likely risk to cycle path users on the disused railway line forming part of National Cycle Network Route 7

St Ninian’s Cave — Stability Assessment

Client: CAN Geotechnical Ltd.

Commissioned by Historic Scotland to undertake a detailed stability assessment of the rock face exposed at the cave area, and to assess the condition of the existing mesh and associated anchors at this natural rock cave located on the western coast of Dumfries and Galloway.

Barrwood Quarry Rock Slope Stabilisation

Client: Mason Evans

Stability appraisal of a disused quarry face located within a site which is presently being developed into a residential area by Dawn Homes. Recommendations including block removal and rock reinforcement were carried out during April 2012 under the supervision of Ravey Consulting Ltd.

Network Rail Rock Slope Stabilisation

Client: Carillion Plc.

Ravey Consulting Ltd. has been the lead designer for numerous rock slope stabilisation projects undertaken by Carillion between 2007 and 2011.

Livishe Power Station Access Tunnel

Client: Scottish and Southern Energy Plc.

Condition assessment of an unlined tunnel through rock. Recommendations included installation of rock reinforcement dowels at specific locations. Remedial works were implemented during August and September 2011.

Oude Dam Rock Slope Stabilisation

Client: Scottish and Southern Energy Plc.

Stability appraisal of a rock slope directly above an access path leading to Oude Dam. Recommendations for remedial works included rockfall netting and rock bolting. The works were completed in August 2011.

Pease Bay Holiday Park

Client: Dunham Leisure Ltd.

Ravey Consulting Ltd. were commissioned to undertake a stability appraisal and risk assessment of a steep soil slope above a popular holiday park after heavy rain had resulted in significant soil slippage. Options for short term and long term risk reduction were provided within the report.